Tree climbing lion (June 2008)

The Samburu scenery is breathtaking as ever. A group of elephant crosses the Ewaso Ngiro river towards Buffalo Springs. In their wake a herd of buffalo follows.

In Nakuru a trio of lionesses is feasting on a prey. The young cub amidst them gets one of its first bites of zebra meat.

Meanwhile a white rhinoceros is enjoying a pool of water.

Masai Mara unfolds several unique encounters. Spectacular is the young lion climbing a tree.

Though it has a little trouble getting on the ground again…

Many more lions are waiting to be discovered. Or, actually, discovering them requires a keen eye, as the long grasses provide the perfect hiding place for their dozing.

A couple of lions are panting on an anthill alongside the track. This time their hunting efforts have been without result.

Hyenas are meeting in great numbers. A sign that something is about to happen: the arrival of the annual Great Migration.

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